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Written by Victor Jernigan

Knoxville Real Estate Investors provides the REAL ESTATE EDUCATION, specific REAL  ESTATE INFORMATION, and training to help you make the decisions which can change your life. Now, at a time some perceive as the worst economy in 80 years, REAL ESTATE INVESTING still provides a fantastic opportunity.

Actually, it may be the best time in history to acquire RENTAL PROPERTY and increase your CASH FLOW with PASSIVE INCOME.

Many other real estate websites, TV shows, and videos proclaim it is possible to make “profits without risk,” “instant equity,” or “immediate results, with no effort, from the comfort of your own home.” You may want such statements to be true, but realistically, you know this is not possible. Yet, to learn how to create income by controlling and/or owning property does make REAL ESTATE INVESTING one of the best opportunities for the AVERAGE INVESTOR to obtain real wealth.

Succeeding in any investment that has the unlimited earning potential of real estate requires time and effort. To earn profits when you are starting with little or no money is difficult, but it is possible. I know it is possible because I started with less than $500 in 1972 and in March of 2008, I owed more than $60,000,000 on my real estate portfolio.

The main problem for the BEGINNER INVESTOR is to determine what is real and what is fantasy. The main problem for the experienced investor is to determine what is the best course-of-action among so many opportunities. This website, and my involvement with the Knoxville REIA, will help deliver the actionable information both new and seasoned investors need.

The reason I can offer this with confidence is because I have owned, been an investor, or brokered just about every type of REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT. These are the TYPES OF TRANSACTIONS with which I have specific experience, and which are detailed on this website:

OPTIONS/CONTRACTS – a one page option to a $20,000,000 joint venture

FLIPPING/WHOLESALING – just one house at a time to 150 houses in one transaction

CREATIVE FINANCE – no money down to sandwich lease-options

REMODELING/REHABING – one bathroom to a total tear out and remodel of a 7,500 square foot home

HARD MONEY – as a user and as a provider

LAND CONTRACTS – issuing and buying

MOBILE HOME PARKS – pad rentals to buying, renting and selling mobile homes

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – do it alone to owning a management company

TURN KEY RENTALS – buying as an investor to selling as an investment

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY – single tenant properties to neighborhood centers

OFFICE BUILDINGS – a neighborhood class C building to owning a 52,000 square foot Class A building

NOTE BUYING – first and second mortgages

SHORT SALES – as a wholesale buy to remodel for retail

REO/BANK OWNED – one property to bundled asset purchase

DEVELOPMENT – from an idea to building a neighborhood

ZONING – from easy (no opposition) to difficult (everyone hates you)

In addition, Knoxville Real Estate Investors delivers information to help you improve the management of any investment. Regardless of your personal or financial situation, you will benefit by learning the skills required to succeed in the real estate business. It is essential investors develop a strong foundation in their Real Estate EDUCATION.

It is a simple strategy. You improve your opportunity for success when you understand more about the TYPE OF INVESTMENTS, FINANCE OPTIONS, VALUATION, and MARKETING.

The other component of successful investing is an understanding of the MARKET TRENDS and conditions. This is an area of substantial difference between Knoxville Real Estate Investors and most other web sites or infomercials on real estate investing.

While I believe there will be more money made in the next five years than in the previous fifteen combined, investors must recognize how the future of real estate will be structurally different. Our country’s massive recession and the continuing decline of REAL ESTATE VALUES is the direct result of a total restructuring of the financial system. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, “it will be exactly the same but different.”

The process of establishing goals, analyzing the specific information on an investment, anticipating the market trend, and then taking action, enables the Begining Investor to determine what is possible. This is the same process Experienced Investors use to recognize and seize their moments of opportunity.

Therefore, do not buy any books, DVDs, go to any seminars, or signup for any offer “giving away thousands of dollars of secret information” until you can and want to answer these questions.

  1. Will you make the time commitment necessary to understand how to plan, develop, and execute on this business?
  2. Although most of the information you need is free, do you have enough money to cover additional expenses such as your cell phone, broadband internet, gasoline, some books, and attend meetings?
  3. What is the additional yearly amount of money you need to change your life?

If you are experienced, regardless of whether you have completed 1or 100 transactions:

  1. Why are you going to do another deal?
  2. What are you going to do to improve the result of your next transaction?
  3. If it does not go as planned, what is your alternative exit strategy?

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