The Future Of Housing

Why Knoxville & East Tennessee?

Written by Victor Jernigan

A long time ago, I asked my grandfather why he had moved to Knoxville from Florida?

I remember it so clearly. We were sitting on the front porch eating apple pie and ice cream. To me, it seemed like a long time before he answered but when he did, he repeated his answer again and then asked me to say it. We laughed. It was a great moment for family memories and generational wisdom.

His answer ”… A man can never have too many opinions or too many options.

Opinions come from being well traveled and well read.

Options come from good health and wealth.

Therefore, when you can choose were you live, pick somewhere that has jobs, somewhere that has a future, and somewhere that is beautiful. Knoxville and East Tennessee has all of this, and more.” 

Now, I can truthfully say, I have been blessed in life. My family is healthy, I am married to wonderful woman, and I have traveled everywhere in the world I have ever wanted to go. But at no time have I ever considered there could be a better place than Knoxville to earn a living and raise a family.

My Grandfather was right, all those years ago.

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Victor Jernigan